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CEO, 3rd Stone Design Inc.

Mr. Miros is the CEO of 3rd Stone Design Inc., a privately held product design and development company engaged in engineering, manufacturing, and product strategy. Products developed run the gamut from medical devices, to alternative energy systems, to consumer products. Business activities include design, distribution and marketing of its own products, joint ventures with research institutions and government entities, and consulting services to multinationals, NGO's, and inventors. Through the company’s subsidiary, Hadleigh Health Technologies, LLC, a novel global health device, the Pumani bCPAP, is manufactured, sold and distributed in 36 countries. 3rd Stone Design is a founding partner of the NEST360 program, funded by the MacArthur, Gates, and ELMA Foundations to reduce neonatal deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa by 50% over the next 10 years. Mr. Miros is a prolific inventor with over 40 granted patents to his name.

He earned degrees in engineering product design and international relations from Stanford University. He has taught design, engineering, and entrepreneurship as a lecturer and guest faculty at Stanford and Brown Universities.

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