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The smart lunchbox

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We literally did EVERYTHING for this product and ultimately built a highly successful company. From early CONCEPT to DESIGN, PRODUCTION, SUPPLY CHAIN, FULFILLMENT, MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA, and CUSTOMER SERVICE


PlanetBox was our invention, and we self-funded and we grew the business in-house until ultimate successful sale to a publicy traded company.


Most people will tell you they find packing lunch to be a dreaded daily task. We created PlanetBox to guide you in packing a healthy, well balanced meal. We began by custom designing and manufacturing a 5 compartment stainless steel lunchbox – think bento box meets TV dinner tray. We ordered 500 of them and put them in our garage, started selling them through our website, and sold out within 6 weeks. We marketed PlanetBox mostly through social media – we found out people really like to take pictures of their meals! Over the next 8 years we grew the product line to over 100 skus, shipping orders all over the globe. We ultimately sold the PlanetBox company to a large housewares company, who has had tremendous success continuing to grow the brand.

PlanetBox JetPacks and Carry Bags togeth
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