We know you have a problem to solve, Noel wants to be sure it's the right problem. As our lead design researcher and field level MacGyver, Noel is charged with rooting out the best opportunities for innovation, quickly prototyping multiple versions with real users in situ, then communicating back to home base our chosen direction. Call him the advance team or the design scout, Noel helps us to define the best solutions so that all parties are impressed by the outcome. He's equally comfortable with his trusty hand-held white board in a village circle or 3D printing miniature hospital beds for a novel usage scenario enactment. In his off hours he can be found steering a bakfiets built for 3 along the canals of Amsterdam. 

As the manufacturer and supplier of life-saving medical products, 3rd Stone Design and our medical device subsidiary, Hadleigh Health Technologies, are designated Essential Businesses. Our products also directly combat COVID-19. 

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