A radically simplified colposcope for effective cervical cancer screenings worldwide

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Every 2 minutes a young woman dies of cervical cancer. If she is screened and treated early, however, her death is completely preventable. The Pocket Colposcope is a radically simplified, highly portable colposcope designed for effective and inexpensive cervical cancer screening around the globe. It utilizes precision microscopy to provide high quality imaging that is equivalent to the most expensive colposcopes, at 1/10 the cost. The device is m-health enabled, allowing for remote diagnostics and EMR data collection. Images of the cervix collected by the system can be scanned for cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions and compared to known abnormalities via a machine learning algorithm.

As the manufacturer and supplier of life-saving medical products, 3rd Stone Design and our medical device subsidiary, Hadleigh Health Technologies, are designated Essential Businesses. Our products also directly combat COVID-19. 

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