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The BottleRocket was a part of our PlanetBox line, and was solely our invention.


With so many water bottles on the market already, it would be easy to think there was already a great option available. We didn't think so - we have high standards and wanted a bottle that didn’t "suck". So we custom designed a better bottle with an easy-to-drink, soft spout – and no loud "sucking" noises when drinking! Our unique latch is simple to open yet locks tight for a leak-proof seal. We made it out of high quality stainless steel that has no lining or metallic taste. And best of all, absolutely no plastic contacts your drink.

As the manufacturer and supplier of life-saving medical products, 3rd Stone Design and our medical device subsidiary, Hadleigh Health Technologies, are designated Essential Businesses. Our products also directly combat COVID-19. 

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