stone cold sYSTEMS (SCS)

SCS delivers reliable vaccine protection in a portable, rechargeable device

The Need

Current vaccine storage and delivery technologies have limitations:

  • Unreliable ice-based cooling technology
  • Improperly conditioned ice packs freeze vaccines
  • Lack of remote monitoring capability

Our Solution

  • A specially designed cold storage device capable of storing and transporting temperature sensitive vaccines from primary health centers to outreach sites
  • An integrated solution that provides continuous monitoring and real-time feedback to supply chain managers

Unique Product Features

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3rd Stone Design aims to improve the cold chain vaccine distribution system with a portable, rechargeable vaccine refrigerator that can be temperature controlled and remotely-monitored. The 'Stone Cold Solar' unit combines active cooling and real-time temperature feedback to prevent accidental loss of vaccine loads. The unit features GPS tracking and run reporting from remote locations so that the necessary personnel can be notified if the temperature goes out of the preset range. In order to maintain functionality off the grid, the Stone Cold Solar has a detachable solar panel that can be used to trickle charge the on-board battery.

Remote Monitoring

Stone Cold Systems (SCS) has an on-board remote monitoring technology to help healthcare workers track and monitor vaccines remotely. The monitoring can be done via a desktop portal or through smartphone app.

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Field Trials

Healthcare workers used SCS Version 2 to transport sputum samples in Mae Sot, Thailand in 2016. SCS Version 2 was evaluated by healthcare workers in an outreach site in Senegal as shown below.

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Performance Specifications for SCS E-10

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About Stone Cold Systems

This project is an entirely internally lead effort of 3rd Stone Design. All industrial and thermal design, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as manufacturing liaison and field interaction has been carried out by our team of talented designers and engineers. 

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