Non-pneumatic anti-shock garment

A lightweight solution for Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) continues to be the single most common cause of maternal morbidity and mortality, accounting for approximately 25 percent of maternal deaths globally. Over 90 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries where the infrastructure and training at primary care facilities are not sufficient to handle obstetric emergencies. If not treated immediately, PPH can cause irreparable damage to vital organs or death from shock. A method to manage PPH is the use of a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG). The NASG is a lightweight neoprene garment made up of five segments that close tightly around the body. By applying pressure to the abdomen and lower body, the NASG is able to stabilize vital signs and resolve hypovolemic shock. Unfortunately, the NASG is not readily available in most low-resource settings due to challenges in distribution and affordability.

Over the course of 3 years, 3rd Stone Design assisted PATH -- the global NGO focused on appropriate global health solutions-- in refining the design of the NASG and improving the quality documentation and inspection criteria for manufacture. We then identified, surveyed, visited, and evaluated more than 40 potential manufacturers for the NASG device in four Asian countries. We carefully selected supply partners and then partnered with them regarding know-how, quality requirements, and product specifications. Follow-on quality confirmation and audits were then commissioned, supervised, and reviewed for continued quality of product and delivery. We are happy to report that the device is now in production and being distributed in quantities of 1000's to sites of use across SouthEast Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America.