Nanosolar Roof Mounting

Created as part of the largest single Solar America Initiative award by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Nanosolar SunLink roof mount system is an innovative, cost-effective flat roof mounting system for the Nanosolar utility photovoltaic panels. The roof mount system features fast installation through a simple 3-step process, resulting in profound cost savings over former state-of-the-art mounting products, and a roof-friendly design manufactured with recycled rubber mounting blocks. The design effort was led by Robert Miros while VP of Product Design at SunLink. Under his supervision, the design underwent extensive structural analysis, including wind tunnel testing and detailed seismic modeling, as well as product intensive refinement focused on manufacturing and scalability of system components.

Though the future of this particular product manifestation was somewhat short-lived by the subsequent solar shake-out which befell Nanosolar, the basic product architecture spawned a next generation product for SunLink -- the Core RMS. The design effort further led to multiple utility patents granted to SunLink for their innovative efforts in the field of grid-tied photovoltaic energy systems.