The photovoltaic power generation market has expanded tremendously in the past two decades. One of the key considerations in deploying photovoltaic modules in new power plants is the cost of the structure used to support the system.

First as a consultant then as VP of Product Design at SunLink Corporation, Robert Miros led the development effort that produced a new category of product for the company and a cost-competitive solution for the industry. This system provided an effective and efficient means to mount PV panels in open field settings. The Ground Mount system, shown here, incorporates a universal clamp that allows for the mounting of multiple and varied PV module types attached to a standardized frame structure. This universal clamp reduces the SKU requirements for the manufacturer while providing PV choices to the consumer. SunLink was succesful in securing patent protection for the system and its components.

The Ground Mount system can be deployed in a ballasted configuration that requires no penetrations to the ground, thus significantly reducing the environmental impacts associated with the erection of PV power plants. The ballasted installation method also saves installation crews considerable time in erecting the structure, which in turn brings down the cost of the system -- a win for the company's customers as well as a further step in the cost parity goals for the renewable energy generation.