photo credit: Game Ready, Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

GAMEREADY® accelerated recovery SYSTEM

The accelerated recovery system produced by CoolSystems Inc. is the most advanced product available to simultaneously deliver cold therapy and intermittent compression to accelerate the body's natural healing process. Based on NASA spacesuit technology, the product combines flexible heat exchange elements with a software-controlled cooling unit to provide the proper treatment for a wide variety of athletic injuries and post-operative recovery regimens. As Director of Engineering and then R&D for CoolSystems, Robert Miros was the technical lead who brought the GameReady® family of products from the original prototype stage through to market.

A key achievement was the development of a rapid process for creating new body-fitting wraps. This process involves input from soft goods designers, heat transfer engineers, materials experts, medical professionals, and everyday users. Another technical challenge was the development of a novel connector to provide coupling of the unit to the wraps while protecting the system from intrusion by competitors through the protection of the connection profile. 

The sourcing and selection of an industrial design firm helped to craft the look and feel of the product. The creation and protection of Intellectual Property was also a key concern for this new start-up company. Throughout the course of development, new patents were pursued and granted for 7 different novel inventions -- securing GameReady's innovative lead in the marketplace.