DoseRight® Syringe Clips

Simple, low-cost product promoting accurate dosing of liquid medications

A range of medications are administered in liquid form, including Anti-Retroviral medications (ARVs) for HIV-positive infants and children. Delivering the accurate dose of medication is critical to ensure proper treatment and prevent viral resistance. The risk of misdosing ARVs is heightened by complicated drug regimens, which change as the child grows. Studies show that 40-60 percent of parents make errors when giving children liquid medication. Furthermore, the HIV/AIDS infection rates are often highest in low-resource settings where caregivers may lack literacy and numeracy skills in order to deliver the correct dosages of ARVs.

Even in developed countries, popular over-the-counter liquid medications contain variable, and often inconsistent dosing directions and devices. When oral syringes are not available, spoons and measuring cups are a common method for measuring the dosage of these medicines. Even in the hands of a seasoned professional, these measuring tools can be inaccurate.

The DoseRight® Syringe Clip is a small plastic clip that fits into the barrel of an oral dosing syringe. It serves as a manual stopping mechanism that presets to the correct dose in order to assist the caregiver in accurate drug delivery. The current model of DoseRight Syringe Clip is only compatible with a Becton-Dickinson™ Brand, 5mL Oral Syringe. Each color clip provides a different dosage volume from 0.5 mL to 5.0 mL in half mL graduations. The simple, color-coded design provides a method for accurate medicine administration regardless of the user's literacy level, visual acuity, or manual dexterity. Because the DoseRight syringe clip never contacts the medication, each clip is reusable, significantly reducing the overall cost and waste.

DoseRight Syringe Clips were originally developed by a team of students at Rice University in 2010. In partnership with the Swaziland Ministry of Health and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Hadleigh Health Technologies LLC (a 3rd Stone Design Inc. company) has delivered more than 250,000 syringe clips worldwide. The DoseRight Syringe Clips are currently being procured and distributed in GAVI alliance countries and other developing country sites where there is an appropriate need for accuracy in oral delivery of medication. DoseRight is also available for retail sale. Please submit a request to Hadleigh Health Technologies for additional purchasing information or email us at