3rd Stone Design Inc. is a focused place for designers, analysts, and engineers alike.

Our process integrates user needs, environmental constraints, technological capabilities, and economic realities to create convincing solutions to difficult problems. Our work is varied, spanning from consumer products aimed at mass markets to medical devices intended for use in developing country applications. Our aim is to use the power of design to improve lives everywhere and be mindful of our impact.


Robert CEO

Our fearless leader and Designer in Chief, Robert brings a mix of mechanical and industrial design chops, business savvy, and unbridled optimism. He founded 3rd Stone to be a vehicle for the power of design in solving life's persistent problems. During his 20+ year career he has earned a lot of patents, been responsible for more than a few product successes, and learned a good story or two. On the weekends he works out the cobwebs by maintaining an even cadence of 88 rpm on his bicycle.

Caroline Marketing and Sales

Health Educator, E-Commerce Master, and Food Stylist. Being the soul of PlanetBox, Caroline truly wears many different hats. Figuring out new media tools, developing unique product partnerships, and changing our customers' lives every day is what she does best. In her rare shots of time off she enjoys hikes on Mt. Tam and watching her daughters dance and do martial arts.

Shonalie Finance

Cash flow, balanced accounts, and hopefully more profits than losses, all matters financial fall under her pervue. Equally comfortable detailing international payment structures and annual operating plans, she does it all with aplomb. On a good day you'll find her racing her two dogs to the beach.

Teri Customer Service

In touch with 10's of 1000's of our customers, and somewhow keeping them all exceedingly happy. When she needs a bit of release she heads out on the backroads on one of her classic motorycles or walks out back to feed her continuously growing flock of chickens.

Brittany Industrial Design

Soft models, hard prototypes, and compelling visuals - Brittany makes our products approachable, enjoyable and beautiful. Color chief, laser cutting technician, and photo studio director. Did we mention that her laugh is infectious?

Jim Mechanical Engineering

Principal engineering talent with a winning personality, Jim brings almost 20 years of medical device development experience to the table. Expertise in injection molding and mechanism design. Formula 1 wannabe.

Jackie Mechanical Engineering

CAD Master, Aero-Mechanical Engineer, Controller of our Design Intent, Jackie keeps us all *very* technically organized! Adept in analysis, prototyping, and simply being clever. Cat enthusiast.

Jocelyn Product Management

Bioengineer, global health technologist, clinical trial monitor, and inventor of the Pumani bCPAP. Former resident of Malawi, she's traveled more dusty back roads then she can remember.

Farshad NPI and Operations

He keeps our operations moving, our suppliers on track, and our systems connected. Equally comfortable on a factory floor or linking together the latest cloud enable infrastructure component, Farshad takes our products from prototypes through production with panache. To 'relax' he can be seen on the SF Bay catching air on his kite board.

Keith Electrical Engineering

Circuits and Schematics, Firmware and PCB's. If it carries current Keith can make it go. As a weekend scientist he volunteers at an observatory and loves the moment when a kid looks through a telescope for the first time and says "wow!"

Li Supply Chain

How do you get product from A to Z? Just ask Li. He keeps our suppliers moving fast, our shipments en route, and everything else on time. Just as he enjoys crunching numbers and running spreadsheets, he also savors the sound of snow crunching under his board as he runs the slopes.

Brett Engineering

Gears and motors, sensors and testing, Brett’s our master of assembly. He puts together our crazy contraptions and sets them in motion like finely tuned clockworks. In his free time he builds all manner of electric vehicles because to this guy, ‘PTO’ doesn’t mean Paid Time Off – it stands for Power Take Off!

Ashley Social Media

Add 1 part culinary school, 2 parts social media savvy, and 3 parts sweet persona – stir – and enjoy our amazing Ashley. If you wish you could devour the countless lunches on our various media feeds, you know who to thank. Always doing research, she can be found on the weekends looking for the next secret ingredient while exploring all the restaurants and eateries the Bay Area has to offer this displaced Queens native.

Mark Logistics

Whether it’s putting containers on the waves in a trans-pacific steamship or securing passage on an air freighter, Mark makes sure the goods get delivered on time and intact. When he isn’t connecting the dots of the international supply chain, he lets the waves carry him on his stand-up paddle board off the Sonoma Coast.